9 04 2008

We used to know a guy we called “Rocky Kirkbuzzer.” The first name was his nickname of choice, the second was given to him by the people he used to go to church with, which he earned by stealing the cross off the front of his old church building after a church split. I thought of Rocky when I read about the latest wave of kirk-buzzing – stealing lead from the roofs of church buildings:

EDMONDTHORPE, England — Thieves peeled long strips of lead from the roof of St. Michael and All Angels, until a barking dog sent them fleeing from this tiny Leicestershire village. But by then, they had left a hole of about 100 square feet in the top of the 800-year-old church.

For centuries, people have stolen religious artifacts in Europe, including chunks of religious buildings, but Britain is in the midst of an accelerating crime wave that some experts call the most concerted assault on churches since the Reformation.

Instead of doctrinal differences, the motivation is the near record price that lead — the stuff many old church roofs are made of — is fetching on commodity markets.

Its pretty sad, but as I read the article I noticed this picture of the church featured in the story:

Church with no roof, and apparently no foundation!

And then I thought – well, as sad as robbing churches is, and as heartbreaking as the destruction of such beautiful buildings is, I think we probably ought to have been more bothered that the church has been ordaining women. Once the church loses its foundation what’s the point of worrying about the roof? If we Christians lose our savour, we shouldn’t be surprised when we get trampled by men, for that’s all we’re good for at that point.   




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13 04 2008

Actually, the more I look at that picture the more I begin to wonder if that is a woman.

She – He looks like the person who used to play ‘Pat’ on the old SNL skit.

I actually knew a Anglican Priest in South Carolina that looked like that.

I did like the movement between roof and foundation. That was witty.


13 04 2008

Ah, yes – it’s Pat. Probably has prayer breakfast with Chris and Robin.

Actually her name is Ms. Barbara Coulson. In the article she made the rather poignant observation:

“We increasingly seem to live in a world where the question ‘Is nothing sacred?’ so easily springs to mind,” she said.”


15 04 2008

I’m sorry but the sense of the surreal in a woman priest ministering in that grand old and stately Church just cracks me up.

It’s like setting out the finest china and serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


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