The War On Iraq's Farmers

11 04 2008

Couldn’t help but notice this interesting tidbit in the article Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear:

In Iraq, the groundwork has been laid to protect the patents of Monsanto and other G.M.-seed companies. One of L. Paul Bremer’s last acts as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority was an order stipulating that “farmers shall be prohibited from re-using seeds of protected varieties.” Monsanto has said that it has no interest in doing business in Iraq, but should the company change its mind, the American-style law is in place.

What was our mission again? To make the world safe for corporate fascism? What’s particularly devious about this (aside from the fact that we are exporting capitalism fascism) is that the way Monsanto works is that if you own a farm and a neighbor, or passing truck drops a seed that blows on to your property, Monsanto hauls you into court for theft and claims millions in damages from you for violating their patents.

There are farming families that have saved their own seed for generations – and then some Roundup Ready seeds blow onto their property and commingle with their plants, contaminating their seeds. Monsanto finds their patented genes in the farm’s seed stock, and orders it destroyed and damages paid for using their patented genetic property. Its crazy!

And that’s all the tip of the iceberg with Monsanto. A great place to get the basics on genetically-modified food (Corporate Ag Fascism 101, you might say) is in the movie The Future of Food.




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