16 04 2008

Having direct contact with the created world and living as God intended is now being studied for its benefits to mental health – see Better Mental Health, Down on the Farm. Eventually scientists would prove it, but they’ll likely all go mad before they finish the conclusive studies. I just want my street-hugging friends to realize that eventually, the urban jungle will make them crazy. Literally. But we’ll leave a light on keep a hand-dipped candle burning for you, join us anytime.




2 responses

16 04 2008
Scott Terry

It always amazes me how people are always studying things that any durn fool could tell you. A while back I read in a farm magazine that cows pick and choose what plants they eat. Big university study! I thought at the time what a joke it was. Any 8 year old farm kid that has watched a cow graze could have told them that.

Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

17 04 2008

Thanks Mr. Terry! That’s the truth alright.

On the topic of cows grazing, I really enjoyed what Salatin and Logsdon have written on the topics. Rotational grazing makes a lot of sense all around. That’s the kind of study I like to read about, happy farmers explaining how God’s creation works.

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