Somthin's Gotta Give

27 04 2008

“Somethin’s gotta give…” said the 40-something fellow in the barber chair.

“Yep,” said the barber.

That was how the discussion of gas prices and the economy concluded in the barber shop today. What’s going to give, nobody’s quite sure of. There was talk of a new president, buying motorcycles, walking, and getting goats to mow the grass.

Its always a treat to take the boys up to the shop for haircuts. Can’t beat the prices – five bucks for me and four bucks apiece for the boys. Plenty of gun magazines and children’s books to read while we wait, and plenty of interesting conversation. I enjoy hearing people talk about current events, especially people that have been watching them unfold for twice as long as I’ve been alive.

I felt bad for the fellow in the chair, gas is taking a bigger and bigger bite out of his wages. “Just barely making ends meet,” he shared, “I don’t know how everyone else is doing it.”

Seems like he’s right, though. Soon, somethin’s gotta give.




2 responses

28 04 2008

yah, maybe the price of your haircuts. Where we live the barber charges 18$, & my husband doesn’t have much hair either.

29 04 2008

Hello Kathleen,

After reading your response, I have the following thoughts to offer for your consideration:

Cash out your 401k’s, sell your house, and move to a small town where haircuts are $5. I would be willing to bet that your selling price would easily procure several fine houses on Main Street in Mayberry.

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