You Might Be In A City Church…

30 04 2008

If your eggs won’t fit in that tiny little thing they pass around during the offertory…

You might be in a city church.




4 responses

30 04 2008
Scott Terry

Ha! That is so funny. Last Sunday I hauled in a big arm load of egg cartons and piled them up on the table in back of the church. The preacher came back to see what I was doing and all I said was “I don’t think I can fit them in those little collection plates.”

Yup, must be a city church.

30 04 2008

Well that sounds like my experience last Sunday.

We could make a series out of this!

1 05 2008
S. C. Mooney

I used to drop silver dollars into the collection plate. The trouble was, the church hierarchy related to this as someone being a smart-aleck trying to make a point vs. someone trying to find a way to present to God actual property instead of fraudulent pieces of paper.

2 05 2008

Thank you for sharing that, Mr. Mooney. Its a shame, it really is. Money is scoffed at and debt paper is revered.

By the way, I really appreciate the articles on usury at your blog! Thanks for offering those online.

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