Sunday Is For Spreading Good News

20 05 2008

What good news are we spreading to the world on Sundays?

So Larry Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz and a Mormon, will not attend Jazz games on the Sabbath. He profits from these games considerably, but never mind. He will drive to some forsaken part of Utah, just to avoid the temptation of listening to Jazz games on the radio.

Since we now live in a society that practices the opposite of blue laws, we are all confronted with the various temptations of all-day, every-hour consumerism on the Sabbath. Yet even if we drive far out into the desert, like Miller does, we will probably be confronted with the temptations to work our vocations (just by thinking about them) or with making other people work theirs (”Fill ‘er up!”). Larry Miller might be a huge hypocrite in making 20,000 fans pay to watch his team play on Sunday, but we can all find big hypocrites by looking at ourselves.

So says Elihu (read the rest here). He makes some good points.

I have a hard time reconciling some things I observe in the broader evangelical church. One of those things is people hearing the law and the gospel on Sunday mornings, and perhaps praying and giving financially to missions and the work of the gospel, yet as soon as they leave the doors of the church they head out to spread the gospel of consumerism and help make the sabbath a day of work for the world around them.

But like Elihu says, I’ve got plenty of my own hypocrisy to work on.




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