Life Is Not All Marshmallow Fluff; There's Spam Too

29 05 2008

Spam: Sales rise as consumers trim food costs:

Love it, hate it or laugh at it — at least it’s inexpensive.

Sales of Spam — that much maligned meat — are rising as consumers are turning more to lunch meats and other lower-cost foods to extend their already stretched food budgets.

What was once cheeky, silly and the subject of a musical (as Monty Python mocked the meat in a can), is now back on the table as people turn to the once-snubbed meat as costs rise, analysts say.

Kimberly Quan, a stay-at-home mom of three who lives just outside San Francisco, has been feeding her family more Spam in the last six months as she tries to make her food budget go further.

She cooks meals like Spam fried rice and Spam sandwiches two or three times a month, up from once a month previously.

[And there’s marshmallow fluff… that’s not got much Spam in it.]

Quan just bought a couple more cans of Spam on sale and some ramen, the instant noodle dish long a staple on college campuses. Her food and gas budgets are together, so she’s had to cut back on food spending while the cost of gas increases. Her favorite Spam meal? Spam and macaroni and cheese. She doesn’t skimp on nutrition, though. Quan serves her husband and three children — ranging in age from 4 to 11 — organic vegetables like salads, broccoli and carrots.

Leave it to a Chicago Trib reporter to talk about “vegetables like salads”. With the trend in gas prices, I’m thinking the future diet is going to be less Spam (not kosher), Marshmallow Fluff (kosher, unlike most regular marshmallows), and Ramen Noodles (good with eggs!), and more vegetables and meat grown locally – if not in your own back yard then at least within walking distance of it. And that will be more affordable, more nutritious, and infinitely more satisfying than cans of Spam.




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