The Chronicles Of Modern Feminism?

1 06 2008

I thought the commentary on Susan was especially interesting from a movie review of Prince Caspian by a Presbyterian Pastor:

What’s with the collagen treatment on the lips of Anna Popplewell (The actress who played Susan)? When you compare Anna’s lips from the last Narnia movie with this one you can clearly see that Anna’s lips went through a growth spurt that Wilt Chamberlin could’ve only envied. When she laid a kiss on Prince Caspian at the end of the movie I was afraid that the guy was going to disappear in those lips, never to be found again.

… She went from being the Queen of Sheba in Lewis’s book to being an in heat Annie Oakley with a bow in the movie. On the transformation of Susan from being a Queen of Sheba type in Lewis’ book to being Annie Oakley with a bow in the movie the Director of Caspian, Andrew Adamson, made his views known.

“I know C.S. Lewis didn’t think women should fight, but I have a different view about how strong or assertive women should be. That was something I discussed and said there was no way I was making a film that says that.”

You know if Adamson wants to make a movie about his different views about ‘how strong and assertive women should be’ why doesn’t he first write a series of books called ‘The Chronicles Of Adamsonia,’ have them become treasured volumes and bestsellers to generations of Christians, and then make them into a Movie instead of defecating on the Chronicles of Narnia by injecting his modernistic Worldview onto a book that was decidedly not infected with modernity?”

… What gives with the kissing scene? This was another example of Adamson injecting his modernistic Worldview on to a book that was essentially medieval in its setting and flavor. I seriously doubt that most Christians thought about that scene as that kind of thing is the norm among our 15 year old girls today but it really isn’t a role model we should want most of our 15 year olds emulating.

Good points, Pastor! (Be sure to read the rest.) I am sure that this movie was entertaining, but I am glad when the objectionable themes are noted in a review instead of glossed over.

Another Presbyterian Pastor notes the feminist twist to Susan’s character in the movie, but points out that this might be an appropriate foreshadowing of her eventual demise:

Susan’s character was augmented with a feminist twist that disturbed me. She took on the mantle of a military leader and amorous pursuer. Yet, this may be in character. For those who have read the Chronicles of Narnia, you know the sad end of Susan from the Last Battle.

I’m interested in reading what type of review Prince Caspian gets over at J & C’s Movie Reviews, too.




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27 06 2008

Thanks, Floyd. We might review if we ever watch, which has a 50/50 chance right now.

I’m a little surprised that a Presbyterian pastor vocalized an objection to a kissing scene in a movie. Never heard any such objection before. Me and the Mrs. don’t like kissing at all in movies. I wouldn’t stare at people kissing in the real world, and of course who we’re looking at aren’t fictional characters but instead real actors. These actors probably aren’t married — they probably don’t even have a romantic connection — and so I’m not keen on unmarried people sticking tongues in each other’s mouths. My point is I wouldn’t like my wife, were she an actress, to pretend-kiss a stranger. Actually I’d be very ticked. So why should I feel that it’s okay to watch other people’s husbands and wives pretend-kiss?

11 07 2008

Those are great points J.

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