And A Positive Movie Review, For Balance

12 08 2008

This one’s for Wall-E, from Elihu at Polituema:

Wall-E is nothing but a parable that paints in broad strokes. Its presentation of slothful humans who submit themselves to Buy-N-Large, a gigantic corporation, is what bothers global capitalists, but the movie doesn’t even go to the realm of environmentalist nonsense or anti-corporate Chomskyism. It does not denigrate machines, business, or the human will. Why else are two robots its stars? Why does Buy-N-Large’s spaceship work so well for so long?

Secondary to the movie’s courtship plot are several comments on present-day society. I came up with these, but you should add more if you’ve seen the movie:

1) People stare at screens all day long without having relationships with their neighbors, and this is not necessarily good.

2) We are all highly individualistic, and this is definitely not good.

3) Technology, while giving us great comfort, allows us to stare at screens and concentrate on ourselves. Again, not good.

4) We deny ourselves certain, healthy, rewarding experiences by trusting too much in labor-saving machines.

5) We buy too much junk at Buy-N-Large stores and stuff it in our houses, so that we need more items made by Buy-N-Large (i.e., a Wall-E) to clean it all up for us.

6) We don’t take care of our bodies, which for Christians are temples of the Holy Spirit, and so we become obese.

Hooray for all that.




2 responses

12 08 2008

Floyd, you may also want to include this review from someone well acquainted with Elihu’s musings. 🙂

12 08 2008

Thanks Polites! That’s a good one also, from one of my favorite reviewers.

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