Crazy Peak Oilers – Or Maybe Not So Crazy

20 08 2008

In The American Conservative, Brian Kaller writes about the often-wrong presumption that peak-oilers have a Mad Max complex:

The simpler truth is that peak-oil converts are often young people reviving the personal habits and self-sufficient skills of their grandparents’ generation, thinking seriously about their tap water, transportation, income, food, heat, and electricity, and realizing how little would survive the end of fossil fuels. They anticipate that population trends, climate change, and other problems will compound the crisis, creating what Kunstler has called the Long Emergency. While others are preoccupied with the hot-button lifestyle issues of the moment, they are planting gardens, buying foreclosed farms, learning traditional crafts, taking crash courses in survival skills, and soberly preparing while silently counting down.

So, it sounds like they’re acting like Christians, then. Kaller argues that the future is Mayberry, not Mad Max – and I agree. That’s why we should be making compost.

Rod Dreher discusses the article at Crunchy Con. And check out Kaller’s blog, Restoring Mayberry.




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