Abortion and Riverboat Gambling

26 08 2008

What an ironic analogy, considering the city I work in. Paul Gottfreid says it well:

Being against abortion is like being against river boat gambling as a corrupting human enterprise. It is a nice gesture on the part of politicians courting religiously earnest citizens but it is not a stand that requires any costly commitment from either national party. Like many of the members of the US Congress, anti-abortion politicians have treated their moral issue as a useful tool, one that can bring in votes from carefully targeted “conservative” blocs but not as anything for which one would go to the wall.

Reagan was never really against abortion. Neither were the Bush’s. Even when the Republicans controlled the Congress and the White House, they did nothing. Well, maybe I shouldn’t day nothing… they did increase funding for Planned Parenthood and made it legal for some babies to be killed cut up for cancer research. And their Judicial appointments? Big disappointment for all the Christians that were urged to vote Republican because of the chane to have a say in who sits on the Supreme Court. McCain looks like he will be worse than those that preceded him, and even more keen on bombing babies in other countries (and using depleted uranium on the survivors).

The game-plan is always the same, and we Christians are so stupid. We get all excited and focused on Clinton, Obama, or whoever the Democrat boogeyman of the election cycle is, and our minds go blank and we push the button for the Republican. We’re just really easy to manipulate. We get so outraged over Clinton’s escapades, Hillary’s healthcare plan, or Obama’s Get-Whitey campaign that we lose all sense of reason and don’t realize that the Republicans are just the same but less honest. And so conservatism has become merely a source of predictable funding for the God-hating liberal government we have today.

Be pro-life… and tell me who I can vote for! I’m open to writing in Jesus at this point.

HT: Polituema (Elihu)




2 responses

1 09 2008

I would give anything to be able to convince both self styled conservatives and self styled Christians of the point that you make in this post.

We are such patsies.

1 09 2008

Yes indeed, Pastor. We have our work cut out for us, but perhaps we can make progress as our children grow up into parents and pastors and farmers and statesmen.

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