A Bitter Irony

2 09 2008

It is one of the bitter ironies of our societies that those who have destroyed the most on this planet through pollution or development are rewarded with such enormous sums that they can buy up for their private use the few unmassacred spots left.

One of the many quotes I’ve enjoyed in Ferenc Mate’s book A Reasonable Life. And obviously, I risk being branded a neo-Luddite socialistic eco-terrorist tree-hugger. And that’s ok, because I know how shallow most of the neo-Conservative Christian right is, and I can forgive them for their ignorant cursing of what they perceive to be evil.

I’m not against development or progress. But pollution is bad, whether materially or spiritually, and the world’s heroes are being rewarded handsomely for polluting the earth. We can either work to put a stop to it in our land, or God himself shall purge us from it and give the land its rest.




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