Voting Pragmatically

3 09 2008

I’m a strong proponent of voting pragmatically. When it comes to the ballot box, I want to use my vote strategically, and not throw it away.

And that brings us to the choice of McCain/Palin. Each election cycle, we are confronted with candidates which God has sovereignly allowed to rise to the top to accomplish his purposes. Increasingly, those candidates should shock us as Christians. We should look upon the state of our political machinery in horror as we see God’s judgment revealed in which candidates are likely to govern our land. We should, but it seems that we don’t. Instead, we look at it backwards, and act as if God’s judgment is yet on the horizon, and we need to stave it off by voting for the least wicked “electable” candidate. And so the cycle continues, because we imagine that God’s blessings result from voting for “Sodom-Lite”, instead of realizing that voting for “Sodom-Lite” is the very reason that God continues to pour out his judgment upon our land by giving us the candidates we deserve. We imagine it a victory to be led on the slow path to Gomorrah, yet have we slouched in that direction any slower with Bush in the White House than we did with Clinton?

Some Christians paint November’s choice as principles versus strategy. Well quite frankly, if our strategy is putting aside our principles yet again and voting for McCain, then I think our strategy stinks to high heaven. In all honesty the Church appears to have neither principles nor strategy, if its actions in American politics are weighed.

Other Christians employ the logic that while McCain is not a good Presidential candidate, because Palin is a Feminist for Life we should put aside our reservations and vote for the McCain ticket, hoping that she will wear the pants in the White House and make McCain pick a conservative Supreme Court Justice. With all due respect, this is the same sort of logic that led to women leading churches and families. God help us. While I would be more than happy if Palin were to make good choices as Vice-President, my principles are not so cheap that I would lay them aside for such a small carrot dangled by a man that supports killing babies. As Christians, we have the opportunity to hold candidates’ feet to the fire every election, and we consistently fail to do so. They will not do the right thing until we are willing to, as a group, withold our vote from those that kill babies and fail to even make an attempt to govern according to God’s Word.

Now that is a strategy – tellling the politicians that if you vote to confirm liberal judges, if you vote to give money to companies that kill babies for research, if you refuse to support and sign the Sanctity of Life Act, then we will not vote for you even if you pick a nice lady for your runnning mate. Instead, we will give all of our votes to the candidate that vows not to do these things, and we will hold that candidate to the same standards, consistently, without fail. We may lose ground in the short-run, but it is the only way to achieve any long-term victory. The sooner we start, the sooner we can stop infanticide.

I am Floyd R. Turbeville, and that is an incrementalist strategy that I can support. Anything less is simply another wasted vote.




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3 09 2008
wamba the fool

Even a fool such as I can see this is sound thinking.

5 09 2008
6 09 2008
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