Well, What If?

4 09 2008

So many what if’s being thrown around in place of arguments. What if God wants to use so-and-so to do such-and-such?

Well, what if He does? Then He will, regardless of who the Cranky Christian Party votes for. What, you mean God’s going to say to Himself, “OK, I was going to bless America with Sarah Palin, but since all those idiot Christians voted for Baldwin (or Paul, or whoever) I’m going curse them with Obama.”

What would be more surprising, though? That God blesses our country because we voted for McCain, or that He blesses our country because we decided NOT to vote for the guy that voted in favor of anti-Christ judges and give money to baby-killing scientists.

Voting for a Christian man (such as Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin) with a clear political record is not going to make us lose points with God. But that seems to be the implied argument present in all of the “What if Palin can keep us from going off the cliff?”

Because obviously, Alaska is a shining Christian theocracy, albeit somewhat matriarchal. She’s a bulldog that doesn’t take no for an answer (at least, when trying to get federal funding for pet projects). And she loves McCain, so how bad could he be? And he might die in office, so then she could really wear the pants. And to think, all of these blessings could be ours if we just lay aside our quaint ideals about fascism, the sanctity of life, and God’s created order.




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27 12 2008

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