Fr. Hollywood Agrees – That Strategy Is A Failure

6 09 2008

Fr. Hoolywood on Abortion and Political Strategy:

Unfortunately, abortion has become a political football, since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that effectively overturned all state regulation and/or abolition of abortion on demand. In essence, the federal courts have seized lawmaking ability from the state legislatures. So, abortion opponents have been pursuing a strategy that involves overturning the decision, either by a Constitutional amendment (which requires too many majorities to make this a likelihood), or the more common strategy of seeking to secure a pro-life president in the hopes that pro-abortion justices will retire or die in office on his watch, so that the pro-life president can appoint pro-life justices in hope of eventually overturning the decision over the course of time.

This strategy has been a failure. Even after decades of pro-life presidents, Roe v. Wade still stands. The states are hamstrung. Babies are slaughtered in the U.S. by the millions – all made legal by less than a dozen individuals.

Don’t throw your vote away on a losing strategy. Vote Pragmatically.




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