How Are You Preparing For Winter?

4 11 2008

This week’s Question of the Week is:

How are you preparing for winter?

(Make sure you review Boyd’s post on Keeping Warm.)




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6 11 2008

Preparing for winter is really all I do all year long. From the first spring day that I can start tilling the soil and through the summer and fall I am at work preparing for surviving the next winter. In the early spring we tap the maples and make syrup that will have to last all year. We get the gardens planted and by early summer the harvest has begun. Canning, freezing and drying till its all put up for winter. This is also the time to pick berries and make jams and jellies. Summer also finds us putting up hay for the livestock to eat while they are cooped up in the barns during the cold months. By early fall we start cutting firewood and splitting and stacking it up. When the weather is cold enough to hang meat we butcher the steers and hogs. At the same time we harvest some whitetail deer and put them up for winter. Then we hanker down for bitter wind and deep snow and pray the Lord sees fit have us try it all again next year!

8 11 2008

That’s a good way to explain it, Scott. Thanks!

I wish my preparations were more holistic, but at this point they are rather meager and random. One big thing I did was buy an outdoor wood-burning furnace, as I felt the rising costs of propane required a change.

We did some canning this year, which I’m very happy about. Not near enough for us to live on, but a good start nonetheless. We are doing a little better each year I think.

I meant to do more preparation for next year’s garden, but didn’t get that accomplished. I’m wanting to try Jeavon’s methods next year.

8 11 2008

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