Free yourself from slavery!

10 11 2008

At the risk of “going off half cocked” I wanted to shoot out a link to an article posted over at The War on Guns. I advocate being armed as much as the next guy, maybe more, but the word of caution here is… do not go into debt to purchase firearms. Free yourself from (economic) slavery!

I believe we should keep this in mind, not going into debt, as we consider the numerous areas of preparedness.

I’m getting close to finishing another post on purchasing firearms on a budget





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10 11 2008

Thanks for posting this, Jed. I have to agree that it is very good advice to not go deeper into debt slavery as we make preparations. It is very easy to start down that road of thinking, to our own detriment!

I’ve heard people discount the deleterious effects of personal debt by rationalizing that “the system will crash” or hyperinflation will occur before they have to pay it off. That is very foolish thinking.

We need people that are “fiscal conservatives” politically, to be “fiscal conservatives” on a personal level. Perhaps the reason conservatives lose is because we are double-minded hypocrites, as the level of personal debt surely reveals of us in general.

Real preparedness does not involve throwing money at the problem. It does involve personal sacrifice, charity, education, being a good example, being a friend to others, obeying God, and relying on God to provide while being faithful stewards.

10 11 2008
Boyd Livingstone


I think this is a good idea. I have a few firearms and am considering acquiring a handgun. There are a couple of reasons for preparing in this way – one mindset could assume personal safety could deteriorate should the nation fall into a deep depression and the other mindset wonders how long the option to buy firearms will last.

Something I have been thinking about firearms and preparing to use them is establishing some guidelines and directives regarding their use, particularly in situations of self defense. It is one thing to have the knowledge that we are armed as well as the next guy, it is another thing to know when and where we should pull the trigger.

Only the most rigid pacificists argue that one ought not to protect himself from someone who has the intent to harm. This usually is not the subject of great debate. Discussing the issue of breaking and entry for the purpose to steal is another thing. The book of Proverbs remarks that “men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his soul when he his hungry.”

The book of Exodus states that if one break in at night and is struck and killed, the killer is not guilty of bloodshed. On the other hand, if the sun has risen and he is struck and killed, the killer is indeed guilty of bloodshed. We ought to think through these thingse in advance, having a plan established as to how we can defend ourselves in a proper manner. I recall when we lived in town years ago, one night my wife and I awoke to a bang and a light coming on in the living room. My weapons were in the living room, so I pulled my pants on, grabbed a baseball bat, and ventured out. I never saw anybody. I could only surmise that perhaps a somewhat drunken neighbor had ventured up to the wrong door.

While I own guns and enjoy shooting and hunting, I have always hated the cavalier attitude with which many gun enthusiasts boast about their willingness to slay unwelcomed intruders. It is no small thing to take the life of one who bears the image of God and there should be a certain solemnity that is assumed when we speak to our children about such things.

Another thing worth thinking about is how to go about protecting ourselves, especially as it involves an intruder within the home. If we make a decision to shoot a midnight intruder, we must have prepared ourselves how and where we may safely fire, particularly if the intruder is located in close proximity to bedrooms. It is not impossible for a bullet to be able to travel all the way through a modern home. These sorts of things should be considered and remembered so that if we are caught unexpextedly, we are immediately aware of the preparations we have made.

11 11 2008

This blog is written by a very good friend of mine addressing some of the very questions you have asked. He deals with armed and unarmed self-defense from a biblical worldview. I highly recommend this blog!

I would also recommend for anyone thinking of relying on a firearm in a self-defense situation to do two things.

One – Get Massad Ayoob’s “In the Gravest Extreme”

Two – Get as much training as you can afford!


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