When Your Friends’ and Family’s Plan Is Simply “To Show Up At Your House” In An Emergency

29 11 2008

As soon as I read this, I could relate:

I have a big family (household of 8/9) plus many auxiliary family members in close geographic proximity. One of my concerns has been that these family members have absolutely zero interest in food storage. I know that if there is a problem, their plan is to just show up at my house.

That will upset my household food storage plan which is dependent on the number of people here (with some leeway of course) and it may be impossible if there is something like a quarantine for bird flu or anything else. In addition, I have an emergency bag containing all important family papers, water filter, etc., and a plan to go to mother-in-laws house 1.5 hours west of here if there is a need to bug out (such as a nuclear accident at Indian Point). I cannot show up at mother-in-laws house with 8 hungry mouths to feed and no food.

So what this blogger did was to prepare some emergency buckets for friends and family, and I thought it was a great idea. Go read the post for the list of items and pictures, and modify as you think appropriate. (Be sure to share any good suggestions you might have!)




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29 11 2008

You know, there are just not many of us who are concerned about the future of this nation and the potentials for disaster. Our system hangs literally by a thread but the Great Depression generation is pretty much gone, and they were not able to pass down their frugal ways.

Many think that there is just no chance of anything bad happening ever again here in this country. Proof of that is the latest Mumbai situation. Tragedy strikes in almost every nation and it doesn’t even get a mention on the new channels, BUT if TWO amerikans perish at the hands of militants in another country, thats all we hear about for two days minimum. What is the point? Amerikans have succumbed to what I like to call, ‘Everyone except me’ syndrome. Amerikans think this stuff happens to everybody but the good ole’ USA.

So, as unfortunate as it seems, we have to make plans and look out for the friends and families closest to us even if that means we have to be a bit ‘socialistic’ on the home front. Which is ‘OK’, because as soon as it DOES it the fan, we will gain quite a bit of legitimacy, and these friends and families will look to us for answers. This will indeed add a bit more stress to us and pressure to be sure we are prepared.

I will add that we cannot think of everyone in our neighborhood with regard to this, but we can think ‘multi-generationally’ and have a family plan to ensure our lineage and our survival. We will do as those Christians did in Rome so many years ago. Plan, prepare and watch, while the country tears itself apart. When it’s all over, we will be left to pick up the pieces and forge ahead.

30 11 2008

It’s a good idea to think about having things available for extended family. I also like the concept of the portable emergency kit should matters require a sudden exodus from the premises. I also wonder if we should look for a couple different storage areas on the premises. It would be a good idea to have something tucked away in a secondary place in the event of a fire or a tornado.

It is true that we cannot prepare sufficiently to meet the needs of every neighbor. Yet this has always been a troubling source of thought for me. Years ago, I recall visiting a house and the folks were showing me there y2k stockpiles. As eager as he was to show the wares, he nearly trembled with excitement to show me his new weapons and he almost seemed eager to start shooting intruders after a loaf of bread.

In the event of a widespread shortage, how do we prepare for the wandering stranger? The family from church who scoffed, quoting “think not of the morrow” during discussions of preparing for long term food storage? The desparate father caught with one of your chickens in a bag? An armed band of thugs requiring anything of value at gunpoint? A federal officer accusing of breaking hording laws? These could offer sufficient reasons to have various places to store your stock pile of necessities.

The Scriptures speak much about hospitality, which at the time included meeting the needs of the sojourner. Laws were passed to meet the needs of the poor and the stranger, such as not harvest the corners of your fields. The Scriptures also declare: “And if thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee; then thou shalt relieve him: yea, though he be a stranger, or a sojourner; that he may live with thee.” and “He (God) doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loveth the stranger, in giving him food and raiment. Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

Thus it seems not sufficient to plan merely for our own needs, but we also do need to think through the issue of preparing to meet the needs of others.

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