Costco Emergency Food Kit

4 12 2008

This looks like a handy supplement to your food storage. Its not gourmet and its not a “complete meal”, but it is inexpensive food in a bucket that lasts 10-20 years.

Costco Emergency Food Kit

Emergency Food Kit
275 Servings
Weather Proof Bucket
Item # 104893

Shipping & Handling included *

Costco Emergency Food Kit

Basic preparation will impact the probability of your family’s survival in an emergency. Delicious and easy to prepare. Each bucket contains 275 servings of Pre-mixed and Pre-seasoned 100% vegetarian and vitamin fortified food. With a 20 year long shelf life, this kit is perfect for the preparation of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or even for a camping or hunting trip.

* Easy to Prepare
* Must have water and a heat source
* 275 Servings
* All Meals 100% Vegetarian and Vitamin Fortified
* Sealed in convenient Weather-Proof bucket for easy transport
* 30 Servings – Potato Bakon
* 25 Servings – Corn Chowder
* 25 Servings – Ala King
* 25 Servings – Cacciatore
* 25 Servings – Western Stew
* 25 Servings – Country Noodle
* 25 Servings – Rice Lentil
* 45 Servings – Whey Milk
* 25 Servings – Blueberry Pancakes
* 25 Servings – Barley Vegetable
* Total Weight: 23 lbs.

For best taste and nutritional value, use product before:

20 years of manufacturing date when stored at 60° F (16.6° C)

10 years of manufacturing date when stored at 70° F (21.1° C)




4 responses

4 12 2008

Where’s the beef?!?!?

4 12 2008

You don’t put beef in the bucket. You let it graze until needed. 🙂

5 12 2008

Hmm, I might take a pass on this one. I’m just not sure I’m going for the artificial blueberries in the blueberry pancake mix and the propylene glycol monostearate in the milk product. Of course, this could be just the sort of thing to keep in the phony pantry to hand out to the roaming bands of pillagers or even that jeering family member who scoffed at your preparation lectures. You can hand over the bucket and feel good that you fed your enemy and feel secure that they probably won’t be back!

Seriously, I wonder if one was would be better off taking the $85 to a bulk food store and buying various beans and peas. I’m glancing at a bulk food catalogue and considering that most the peas/beans run around $.80 a pound, you could buy approximately 100# of bul beans and peas instead of #23 in the pail. 80 pounds of lentils are good for 125K calories while I think the bucket contains less than half that amount. Of course, can we expect lentil soup to come close to matching the Western Stew?

12 01 2009
Tamara (AK)

The first “meal” threw me right from the start…Potato Bakon??!! {shudder}

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