Are Americans ready to start preparing?

12 01 2009

There was a time when in which necessity required American to prepare.  Before easy credit, folks actually saved money to use for hard times or to make large purchases like land or a home.  It wasn’t so long ago that most people, including city dwellers, put some food up to utilize during the long winter months.  In rural areas, many of the warm months of the year were devoted solely to survival.  In the modern day, it seems as if the notion of preparation is limited to those who are generally accused of being hoarders.  Then I read yesterday’s news headlines.

Now it seems  that the concept of preparation is quickly becoming a household reality. Even the mainstream media is beginning to address the notion of preparation. A top MSNBC news story remarked “as many as 7 percent of the nations’ households are “completely unready” and “This is something that they need to act fast on”, followed by the admission that “No matter when the deadline is, there will always be some who are not going to be prepared.”

What is the concern? Struggling economy? Suspension of American rights? Failing currency? No, the primary problem confronting Americans today seems to be the conclusion of analogue broadcasting. The lack of preparation for digital tv was the concern of the afore mentioned headline!   Still, even while great concern was being shared for the unprepared 7% (concern so great that President-elect Obama suggested the February date be pushed back), I was rather amazed that 93% of the households were prepared!   After Americans yawned at other, seemingly more significant changes, and quietly endured the construction of the federal bank, lined up to turn in precious metals at FDR’s request, accepted tighter firearm legislation, and mailed in their property registrations in order to have a chicken on the property; at least some serious consideration is being levied at the changing TV broadcasting signal!





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