Question Of The Week

Each week we’ll post a discussion question on the blog about some aspect of preparedness, and we invite you to participate in the discussion.

These aspects of preparedness could be on a personal, family, societal, or church level. Let’s think about them all.

Feel free to share examples and concerns, or just ask questions. Through collaboration we can learn from others, and teach others what we have learned.

To easily find the question of the week, visit the Question Of The Week category. The most current question will be listed first.


3 responses

23 10 2008

So here’s a topic I’d like to have fleshed out…

Let’s say we have a church with a number of members having this agrarian mindset – with the land to do a lot of these things. And let’s say some members have been led to live in the city, for purposes of changing culture and evangelizing by living the Christian family life in a very visible way in the midst of unbelievers. These members, like myself, may have agrarian sympathies, but for a number of reasons, don’t have the resources to live in the country.

How can city dwellers prepare for these things? In what way could they work together with their agrarian brothers in some complementary way? Are there things they could focus on that would be beneficial to the church body, without the chicken raising and cow milking? (A garden would be an obvious example – but beyond that…)


24 10 2008

Hello George! That’s a great topic for discussion.

We will make this an upcoming question of the week – thanks for the suggestion!

26 01 2009

I would think the church could use the body to purchase food from local farmers cheaper than going past the middle man. the farmer would be doing better as he would get more for his end product. The church member purchaser would be getting more food for his $$.
another thing would be to bulk buy a large amount of wheat, rice, etc. so the price would be down. We have a “produce club” I am a member of. Here’s how it works: 12 families all kick in 20.00. One family goes to our local wholesale produce house and buys cases of carrots, lettuce, etc. The produce is brought back to her house and divided up 12 ways. I end up with a big box of food for lots cheaper than the store.
the problem with these ideas is if we have a famine, emergency, etc. these sources will dry up quickly. the church members could still pool money together for bulk buying purchases. Also, classes could be offered at the church in how to grind wheat, make bread, handle a firearm, reinforce doors and windows for protection, etc. God bless!

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